Internet Sites of Interest to Oncological Patients

Clinica Sant'Anna
The Clinica Sant’Anna in Sorengo has at its disposal a Department of Oncology directed by Dr. Marco Varini and Doctor Antonello Calderoni in collaboration with Doctor Francesca Borzani.
This specialized structure receives oncological patients for chemotherapy, diagnostic examinations, surgical treatment and palliative support.


Associazione Dialogare-Incontri

Within the range of consultative activities, this organization offers assistance to those who after recovery from disease need to re-insert themselves into professional life.
The web platform of the American Oncological Society dedicated to patients and to those persons who live together with cancer patients (in English).

Others besides these:

Lega ticinese contro il cancro (The Ticinese Anti-Cancer League)

Società svizzera di oncologia medica (The Swiss Society of Medical Oncology)

Associazione italiana di oncologia medica (The Italian Association of Medical Oncology)

Associazione Triangolo
Offers human, concrete and organizational support with the intention to improve the quality of life of the patient and his or her family and to reduce the risk of social isolation. Thanks to the co-ordination of its medical-nursing, social and psycho-oncological services and its volunteers, the Associazione Triangolo forms a part of the work of the network offered by Oncologia Varini & Calderoni and by the Oncological Department of the Clinica Sant’Anna. Thanks to Triangolo, the patient can receive care also at home.

International associations

ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology
ESMO Strategic Plan
ASCO, American Society of Clinical Oncology
ESSO, European Society of Surgical Oncology
EACR, European Association for Cancer Research
UICC, International Union Against Cancer