Basic Activities

Diagnosis and Therapeutic Strategy
The diagnosis of solid and hematological (of the blood) tumors is carried out in close collaboration with a staff of surgeons, radiologists, radio-oncologists, pathologists, gynecologists and gastro-enterologists. Every single case is discussed within an interdisciplinary “Tumor Board,” in the presence of the specialist physicians involved and examined in every detail with the objective of defining a therapeutic strategy which is individualized and is the most effective possible. This strategy is proposed to the patient, who thus assumes a determining participatory role in the care process.


Therapeutic Treatments
The treatments are carried out in more than 90% of the cases in an ambulatory manner in our center under the constant surveillance of the oncological physicians and nurses. In the intervals between chemotherapy treatments the necessary controls are carried out in part in our offices and in part by the family doctor.

Collateral Activities

Psychological Support:

In the course of tumoral disease the patient may find himself or herself confronting psychological problems deriving from the changes taking place in his or her daily life. In this case, it may be useful to turn to a specific support.
Our Oncological Practice has a psycho-oncological service. Dr. Osvalda Varini provides her consultations both in our offices and in the Oncological Department of the Clinica Sant’Anna.

Social Support and in Everyday Life

Patients with particular difficulties can call on the Associazione Triangolo for assistance: on its volunteers for transportation to the centers of radiological therapy or for diagnostic examinations or for assistance in domestic activities; on the social workers to obtain prostheses, a wig, orthopedic support, etc., to activate financial support and to face problems related to work disability and successive professional re-insertion.

Second Opinion

Clarity is an indispensable element, both for the physician and for the patient when facing complex pathologies like oncological diseases.
Our Oncological Practice evaluates also requesting a second opinion with the purpose of eliminating doubts and uncertainties concerning the definitive therapeutic choice, a choice which must be fully agreed to by the patient.

Genetic Family Consultation

Scientific research increasingly directs its attention to the area of the decodification of the human genome. Today it is able to ascertain the hereditary origins of various forms of tumors. From this oncologists derive a new field of consultation: counseling families who bear this genetic predisposition, in particular with regard to their descendants.